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MA LTC Certification

Classes are $99 in South Boston

Walk from Redline / Free parking

You will be taught by great instructors.

You will be in a calm, learning environment.  

We will train you for safety and get you certified...

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Follow our path to get your MA Gun License


Enroll in our gun safety course that is MA State Police approved. 
The class follows the LTC-007 NRA Home Safety Course curriculum.
Upon completion of the class you will receive your Mass State Police Certificate needed to obtain your License to Carry

While in class, our MA State Police Certified Instructors will give
you hands-on training to teach you how to safely handle a firearm and ammunition. 
You will gain knowledge on:
Loading and unloading
Different types of ammunition
Various parts of a handgun
Proper storage and transportation
Gun cleaning
The basics of how to handle and shoot a pistol


Our gun safety course will discuss The Application Process.
There is a one page application to fill out and submit to your local police department and you will need the Certificate from our class.
Each town/city will have certain specific guidelines.
Massachusetts General Law 140, Section 131 will be discussed with regards to suitability to hold a license to carry.

Anyone 14 years and older can take our Basic Home Safety Course to prepare for applying for their gun permit.
Massachusetts residents 15 years and older who wish to possess, carry, and transport firearms, ammunition, and feeding devices are required to have a firearms license. Firearms licenses are ultimately issued by municipal police departments.

We also Guarantee you will receive your LTC. See our FAQ's

Indoor Tactical Training Classes


Intro to Pistol Concealed Carry

So maybe you've just completed your LTC certificate class and learned about gun safety but you're stuck waiting to get your license before you can get your hands on a pistol regularly.  Or you just want to get to learn the basics of firing a pistol without joining a gun range. This workshop will help you build the confidence you need to safely carry, holster and operate a pistol from concealment or a belt mounted holster. This 3 hour workshop focuses on the basic fundamentals and mechanics of pistol shooting in a safe environment without the implications of having an accidental discharge or the fear of endangering anyone's safety
while you build your confidence. 
You'll be issued a holster, mag carrier and a 1:1 scale C02 powered airsoft based on an extremely popular pistol. These airsoft pistols are reliable and function just like a real pistol would but without any of the safety hazards associated with firearms.
These are not toys.  These are educational tools when used properly and with a purpose, and you'll still be expected to use all of the firearms safety rules that are discussed in the LTC certificate class. 
Our experienced instructors will be working with you to teach the safest and most effective ways for you to conceal carry a firearm with confidence or hit the range worry free.

About Greater Boston Gun Safety School

Founded by a former United States Marine, our school is comprised of the best instructors in the industry.  Through engaging and hands-on educational gun safety training, Greater Boston Gun Safety School continuously helps civilians to become certified to obtain a MA License to Carry and to become proficient with the use of firearms through on-site tactical training.  Our school and instructors teach the journey of gun ownership with each student as they are guided along the path in our classes. If this is what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to book a class and join our growing community of gun owners.

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South Boston location

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Send us an email if you have questions!

South Boston Class Location
474 Dorchester Avenue
South Boston, MA 02127

Tel.  857-424-3355

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