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Airsoft is an incredibly active sport where replica firearms are used to shoot 6mm plastic BBs and ultimately the goal is to eliminate your opponent.  Full facial gear and eye protection allow for safe and fun play.  Being hit by an airsoft BB on exposed skin can give the feeling of a very hard pinch, especially at close distance, so full length loose clothing, gloves and a hat are recommended.  Our field is set up for CQB (close quarter battles), and unlike other fields, we do not have a minimum distance to shoot your opponent.  Be prepared to take on short range hits.  And be prepared to use teamwork to accomplish victories in our small team matches. Our Shoot House is closely monitored by referees.  In the game of Airsoft, it is the honor system to call out if you have been hit, and to leave the game.  Our referees are closely watching the integrity of this honor system at Greater Boston Airsoft.


 Full Face Mask Only Rental Available  

 Gun Only Rental Available

 Cancellations allowed with 72 hour notice  

Due to the Close Quarter Battle nature of our arena, recommended age to play is 15 and any player under 18 will require our written consent from parent or guardian.  Minimum age is 12. 

All smg and rifles must have their magazines out and a barrel bag ON while OFF the field

NO dry firing while in staging

Full seal goggles & masks must be worn on the field at all times

All guns must fire in semi only

No blind firing

No "dead men talking". “Dead” players cannot communicate with teammates

There are no "safety kills" or "bang bang" kills.  Shoot to kill in CQB fashion!

No moving field objects or modifying structures unless specified otherwise by staff

No Grenades

Players 17 and under must have full face protection to play

Call your own hits

FPS limits at 350 Max with .20g BB (.25g BB is largest size allowed)

If you suspect someone is shooting hot, please advise the referees

DO NOT go out the rear fire escape for any reason except in an emergency

If you get hit, call your hit loudly, put your hand up and return to your original spawn area

When the game ends, all shooting stops

Barrel socks go on and magazines come out

Face and Eye Protection remain ON

If you run out of ammo, you may go back to your spawn area and reload

Do not use OLD BBs from the floor that can damage guns and cause shards

Respect the space and structures and do not purposefully destruct the Shoot House

Do not move field props or climb on the Shoot House

Do NOT kick in doors or you will be KICKED OUT

Do not shoot at the roof or the lights

Purposeful destruction of the Field is cause for removal from the facility and possible further negative action

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